Bombardier Learjet 75


Superior power that raises the bar. The Bombardier Learjet 75 business jet delivers a class-leading high speed cruise of Mach 0.81.
Powerful engines and evolutionary aerodynamics featuring a new winglet design allow travel with 8 passengers and full fuel*. 

The 51,000 ft (15,545 m)* operating ceiling allows for smoother flights, avoiding delays that weather and congestion often cause at lesser heights.

The Learjet 75 business jet is outfitted with an impeccably crafted interior that blends iconic design with superb functionality. Passengers will delight in the spacious cabin, complemented by 16 windows that fill this exceptional environment with natural light. The jet’s flat floor enables ease of movement and relaxation. Eight passenger seats are configured in double-club formation with generous legroom.

Several folding executive tables allow a seamless transition as you take your work to the sky and speed to your destination. Impressive new connectivity features include a video system featuring a 7” (18cm) touchscreen display at most seats with full audio/video control, a bulkhead-mounted 12.1” high-definition flat panel screen, and optional WiFi

* Under certain operating conditions.

Technische Daten

Bombardier Learjet 75

Sitzplätze: 2 + 8
Reichweite: 3.780 km
Reisegeschwindigkeit: 861 km/h
Kosten pro Stunde: n/a
Preis: $ 13.800.000
Bombardier Learjet 75