Bombardier GlobalExpress 7000


With its four distinct living spaces, the Global 7000 business jet provides unparalleled spaciousness, luxury, and comfort, in a homelike environment that can be as productive or as leisure-friendly as any moment demands. Seats position you perfectly to take in the view from larger windows. Enjoy exquisite dining experiences at a table for six, journeying non-stop between key cities such as London and Singapore.  Relax, sleep, and refresh in the tranquility of a private stateroom, reaching more of your world faster, more luxuriously, and better prepared.

  • Unique, true four-zone cabin
  • Range to give you unprecedented non-stop city-pairings such as New York to Dubai and Beijing to Washington
  • Next generation high-efficiency engines contribute to low fuel burn and low emissions
Bombardier Global Express 7000

Technische Daten

Bombardier GlobalExpress 7000


Sitzplätze: 2 + 17
Reichweite: 13.520 km
Reisegeschwindigkeit: 955 km/h
Kosten pro Stunde: $ 7.400
Preis: $ 70.670.000
Bombardier Global Express 7000